The Perfect Forex Trading System

Many people search for the best forex trading system. Unfortunately the truth is that no trading system or strategy is perfect. All the best traders in the world have losing trades so their systems can not be perfect. So as the perfect trading system does not exit, we need to make one that is the next best thing.

Forex Trading System with a low drawdown

The next best thing to the perfect currency trading system is a system with high profits and low drawdown. This will hopefully give you an edge over the house in the longer term so you can come out on top.

Worst Forex Strategy

The worst forex trading strategy in my view is any strategy that is trading without good money management. Even the best forex strategy in the world could have a disastrous affect on your account balance if it is not traded with disciplined money management.

Simple Forex Strategy

Often simple strategies work best when trading forex. A simple FX strategy that often does well is to look at the weekly charts, find a pair with a firm trend and wait for a 50% retracement on a smaller time frame and go with the trend from there. Simple, but often effective as the forex market is the best trending market in the world. This is a relatively easy fx strategy to follow.