Peter Bain – Forex Mentor Review

Everyone can use a helping hand once in a while and it’s certainly no different in Forex trading. Before we can begin to make big profits and trade with thousands of dollars, we must first learn the basics and advanced tactic’s and strategy that we will use.

That is where a forex trading course like Peter Bains Forex Mentor is relevant. In my experience the number one stumbling block that most new traders face is the sometimes very steep learning curve in forex trading, and it is often the reason for why many choose to give up before they even really get going. There is just so much information and things you must learn, that it can seem overwhelming. And how can you even know which forex course is right for you? Sure, they all promise the world, but how many actually deliver?

I struggled with these questions, just like everyone else, when I started out. I am also a skeptical person by nature, so I find it hard to commit my time and money to anything without proof that it works.

Luckily, I stumbled across a great guy with a great course, and I want to share that course with you in this review. It already has tons of positive reviews, so I thought I would just add my personal experience.

Peter Bains Forex Mentor Course is one of the most respected and sought after courses on the market, not least because of the man behind it all, Peter Bain. Have you ever read about this or that guy on the net who is supposed to be a forex ‘guru’, but when you actually check up on him, there is not much information available? Well, Peter Bain is not that kind of web ‘guru’. He is a real life forex authority that does live seminars across the globe and they sell out fast. I am sure you can check his schedule somewhere.

Let’s take a look at the actual Forex Mentor Course. First of all, this program is very comprehensive and full of information, yet not to a degree where you need to have a PHD in math to understand. He has also included direct pivot analysis feedback that you will get directly from him on your trades. Send him your failed or successful trades and he will get back to you with his take and encourage you to learn from them. It is really like having a real life forex mentor looking over your shoulder.

This is what you get in the program:

  1. 250 Page Interactive Forex Technical Manual
  2. 20+ Interactive Video Tutorials
  3. 100 Page Forex Core Principles Manual
  4. 2 Exclusive DVDs Containing Over 3 Hours of Live Instruction
  5. 6 Months Unlimited Access to Peters VIP Members Area
  6. 3 Amazing Bonuses Worth Over $450!
  7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All in all, I think you will agree this is very good value for money. But put all that aside for a moment. Can I say it worked for me? Have I become a forex millionaire? Was it easy money?

Well, first of all, let me say, nothing worthwhile is easy in this world. Personally I wouldn’t say it was easy, it took some work and some dedication, but frankly if you don’t have that, I don’t think forex is worth it.

I made an initial deposit of $2,500 to test this system and within the first month I had actually managed to turn that into $4,766! Making more than $2,000 in profit in only one month was almost unreal for me, seeing as I have never made more than $1,000 before.

I am not going to go out and say that it will be that easy for everyone, because I did go into this with an open mind and I did follow the instructions to the point, If you are willing to do that, I suspect you will have success.

This is what I did:

  • I read trough ALL of the course material, both on the website and on the DVD’s
  • I papertraded using the software on one of Peter’s CD’s. You will be asked to analyze a graph of the London Open and you are asked to write down your take and what you make of it.
  • I did watch the AM Reviews for more than a week before trading.
  • I asked Peter’s advice on my bad trades. This is a great service he is offering to his clients. He got back to me within 48 hours each time. This is one of the real money making secrets in this program. Having Peter himself actually go over your trades is invaluable!
  • I watched and traded during London Open and only that. I think this was very important! If you are willing to buckle up and trade during those hours and using Peter’s system I am confident you will find success. Some guys who complain never even follow the rules set forth! You have to commit to doing this the right way!

My conclusion? I would feel very comfortable to recommend this course! Peter Bains Forex Mentor Course is a sound investment in your future as a trader and I believe it is indeed very profitable if you TAKE ACTION and follow the instructions! You can’t just do parts of this program, you will have to commit 100%! If you do, I believe you will make money in the first month!

Peter Bain’s Video Forex Course demonstrates simple yet powerful pivot currency trading systems used by professional traders.