LMT Forex Formula

LMT Forex Formula is a new forex trading system that is developed by forex whizkid Dean Saunders. Only 25 years old, Dean has already made a huge impact in the world of forex trading systems. LMT stands for Low Maintenance Trading which is a reference to the goal of the system: To minimize actual trading work while maximizing profits. I recently had the chance to test out Dean Saunders LMT Forex Formula for over two months and I have been very happy with it. Read on for the full review.

This system is very impressive and even more so because it’s developed by a young guy like Dean Saunders. Some people may be put off by taking advice from someone as young as Dean, but those people are the same who will never succeed in forex. Never mind, let’s take a look at what exactly LMT Forex Formula is. LMT is not a forex trading robot. I know some people who are a bit confused by this, because LMT Forex Formula does have some of the same qualities as a Forex EA,

in that the signals tells you exactly what to do and when to do it, but you will keep control of your trades and not have to worry about what your robot will do when you are not watching.

Ok, let’s have a look at what is actually included in the LMT Forex Formula:

  • LMT Forex Formula Manual – 47 page manual explaining his system and showing you exactly how to set it up and apply it. This is the core of your system and it will be your trading ‘bible’.
  • LMT Custom Indicators Software – This is the charting and signal software that will let you know when, what and how to trade.
  • LMT Forex Formula Videos – Videos showing you how the system works. It really helps to have videos in addition to the manual.

Earlier I mentioned that LMT Forex Formula is not a forex robot. That means you have to do the trades yourself. That may sound like time consuming work and it could be, but then this system wouldn’t be low maintenance. LMT Forex Formula only requires you to spend and average of 15 minutes a day. That’s not bad. But how can you make money from only 15 minutes of forex trading? The thing is, most forex robots and systems are basic scalping systems. Scalping is the type of trading where you make many small trades over the course of a day. This is very time consuming and requires constant attention and concentration. LMT Forex Formula uses a different approach. It’s all about making fewer but bigger trades. Trades that rake in more pips in one trade than a days worth of scalping. I hope that clears up some things.

In conclusion, how did LMT Forex Formula perform? Over these two last months of testing, I am looking at close to an astounding 400% annual profit. That’s going to turn my $10,000 initial investment into $40,000. That’s just remarkable. I don’t think these numbers are going to last though, but even so, I consider this program as one of the absolute best forex trading systems ever created.

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