FX Trading Guide

FX Trading offers excellent opportunities for you to profit from movements in global foreign exchange markets starting with a small capital investment.

Forex Trading Guide is a series of trading tutorials aimed at helping you learn how to trade forex. Along the way, you will gain an understanding of how foreign exchange prices move, how to develop your own trading system, and learn the mental attitude required to become a winning forex trader.

We have recently added a collection of articles on automated forex trading, including many Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor Scripts (also know as MT4 EA scripts).

There are also many new free forex ebooks with useful content. There is also a list of possible forex trading strategies for you to test out. You can either use these ones or modify them to suit your own trading style!

The FX Trading Tutorials include:

  • Why trade forex? – Get an overview of the unique features that
    make forex trading attractive to the beginning trader.
  • Forex overview – Understand what the forex markets are about and
    who participates in this market.
  • Trading basics – Learn the basic mechanics of trading.
    Understand price movements, trading timeframes and market
    trends and why these affect your trading.
  • Avoiding scams – Learn how to avoid being scammed by false
    promises and dishonest brokers
  • Choosing a forex broker – Learn why you need a broker, what
    a broker does, how brokers charge for their services and how to choose between brokers.
  • Rules to follow – Essential do’s and don’ts of forex trading.
  • Learning to trade – Learn forex trading without losing your money.
  • Risk management – Understand how to control your risk in
    the market
  • Market news – Understand how to profit from market news
  • Price data – Obtain the price data you need for trading
  • Trading systems– Learn how to develop your own profitable trading system. Understand the different approaches you
    can use. Understand the objectives of a trading system. Learn
    how to build a system you can trust.
  • Trading software – Select software that will help implement
    your trading system.
  • Building trading systems – Design and develop your own customised trading system. Learn about data smoothing and expectancy.
  • Backtesting – Learn how to test your system to ensure that it is robust and able to consistently return a profit.
  • Successful trading– Develop the mindset of a winning trader.
    Learn how to transcend greed and fear and become decisive and confident.
  • Forex Strategies -A collection of simple strategies to help you get started with forex trading.
  • Automated Currency Trading – Looks at robot trading where little or no input is required from you. There are some automatic scripts to try on the metatrader 4 platform. These are known as expert advisor scripts.

Unlike most other FX trading sites, we are not brokers, or in the business of selling trading software, or training courses. You can be assured that our information is unbiased and based on our own research and experiences in the markets. We encourage you to check anything that you are unclear with against other independent sources.Good luck with your forex trading, and we wish you success in becoming a successful forex trader.