Forex Trading Risks

Forex trading must always be considered a high risk way to trade or invest. The risks of forex trading are particulary high because it is traded on a margined basis. Infact some forex brokers offer very high leverage, as much as 500:1.

Forex market risks and volatility are often very high, when this is combined with leverage, big profits or losses can result in a short space of time.

For traders just beginners their trading journey, a good way to trade forex with no risk is to open a demo account and practice.

There are some ways a trader can reduce the risk associated with their currency trading. Firstly, ensure you have a good understanding of margin, leverage, position sizes, support and resistance by practising on a demo account. Secondly, ensure you use a good risk management strategy and do your best to stick to it

Zero Risk Forex Trading System

Many traders seek a currency trading strategy that has no risk at all. Unfortunately this does not exist or we would all use it and get rich. Forex trading requires hard work, there are no get rich quick parties here!