Forex Historical Charts

Forex Historical Data and Currency Trading Charts

I have compiled some free forex historical charts for you to see how currencies have move in the past. Some of these charts go all the way back to 1978. As you can see below historical forex prices have been highly volatile.

EUR/USD (Fiber) Currency Historical Chart

Eur/USD historical chart

The Euro was first traded in 1998. Against the Dollar the euro depreciated considerably for the first couple of years then began a long upward trend and this trend is still continuing today. The all time high currently stands at 1.5904. This high could be broken in the future. The all time low back in 2000 was 0.8227.

GBP/USD Currency Trading Chart

GBP/USD Cable Historical Chart

The historical exchange rates for GBP/USD (also known as Cable) have often moved with the euro since it’s inception. We have to go back a long long way to find the all time high, in fact all the way to 1980. The high was 2.4540. The pair has not been anywhere near there since. The all time low was in 1985 where it briefly hit 1.0463.

USD/JPY Historical Chart

USD/JPY historical chart

This forex historical chart shows how the yen has appreciated against the US Dollar considerably in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and has stayed relatively range bound since, never getting anywhere near the all time high of 278.30 back in 1981. The all time low was in 1995 at 79.74.

USD/CHF Historical Chart

Historical USD/CHF Swissy ChartThe highest historical rate for this pair is 2.9145 which was hit in 1985. The all time low is 1.11 which was hit in 1995. Historically the Swiss Franc has been a safe haven, especially in times of crisis. This pair is also known as Swissy.

GBP/JPY Historical Chart

GBP/JPY Historical Chart GeppyI included this pair as it seems to be a popular carry trade amongst retail traders. The highest historical forex rate for this pair is 572.06, back in 1980. The lowest historical rate is 129.32, back in 1995.

Historical Gold Chart

historical gold chartI included this historical gold chart as gold is highly related to currencies.

I hope you find this historical forex data useful.