Forex Confidante Review

Forex Confidante is an exciting new forex trading program developed by a well known accredited forex trader in Thomas Strigano. Unlike many of the systems and programs online that seems to be developed by unknowns in the forex field, Forex Confidante holds some serious credibility as it’s developed by a former Italian Chief of Trading Operations, which is basically the top trading position in a bank.

Forex Confidante is not a forex robot. It’s not signal service or a charting software system. It’s not flashy or hyped up, but rather it’s a serious, professional forex trading system. A full on forex trading plan that will walk you from A to B and all the time making sure, that you are in the drivers seat. If you’re looking for a forex robot that will do all the hard work, then this isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for a forex trading system that is developed by a pro and can be learned and used in relatively short time, then read on. Thomas Striganos Forex Confidante system is a breath of fresh air in the forex market. I have looked for something like this for a long time now.

Thomas Strigano is the former CTO of a large Italian bank. CTO is as I mentioned the highest trading position, it’s equal to other top management positions in a bank. Thomas was basically the one making the trading strategy and managing all the other traders. This guy has a well documented history of success. Thomas is something of an anomaly in the forex world in that he is easy to get in contact with and actually writes on several sites on the internet. When I was researching him for this review, I came across a negative post about him and his product on a forum. Thomas Strigano acually signed up and took time to explain why the poster was not making money and helped him learn. As the thread on the forum progressed, the negative poster admitted he was wrong and thanked Thomas for helping him out. I think that really shows some class and credibility. You can probably find that trhead yourself with a quick google.

Let’s have a look at what you get:

  • Forex Confidante System
  • Forex Confidante Ebook
  • Forex Confidante Video’s
  • Forex Confidante Support with Thomas Strigano himself

Forex confidante is a complete traning and trading system that will walk you trough everything needed to profit from the system. There’s a book and video included and they are both awesome, but there is admittedly a bit of a learning curve to some of the concepts. That’s because this material was not ghost written by a writer but rather written by Thomas himself, which means there is little fluff and all content. This course is packed full of inside secrets that you won’t find anywhere. It’s not basic stuff like watching moving average indicators, but rather systems and methods derived from years of real life trading experience. It also teaches you money management and a bunch of other things you need to succeed in forex.

What I liked:

  • Forex Confidante System (It’s awesome)
  • The Talks and Emails with Thomas
  • Professional Trading System

What I didn’t like:

  • Somewhat Steep Learning Curve.

Ok, on to my personal experience trading of trading with this system. I have traded this system for more than 3 months now and I really like it. I think it’s a very well though out, disciplined and impressive system plus it delivers in profits. I have personally made over 120 pips in two strategic trades in just one day, which is a personal record. It has also outperformed my other systems over a three month period. I recommend you check out his website.

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