FAP Turbo Review & Discount

FAP Turbo is a forex robot developed by Steve Carletti as a joint venture with Forex Guru Marcus B. Leary. The two of them teamed up with a group of expert MetaTrader programmers to develop the most successful forex robot ever. That’s what they claim at least. FAP Turbo certainly is the best selling forex robot on the market. FAP Turbo is a forex expert advisor that trades on the MetaTrader platform. MetaTrader 4 is the standard forex trading platform and has a wide support base. FAP Turbo incidentally also has a very active forum and support group.

I have used the FAP Turbo robot for over 4 months now, so I feel that I know enough about it to make a fair review. Actually, in this time period I have tried several other forex systems and robots, so being the healthy skeptic, I have been able to do some serious comparison. There’s always a lot of hype around these forex robots, because it’s a very competitive market. They all market themselves as ‘the best ever’ and so on. Most of the also claim to be ready to go with the press of a button, when they actually require quite a lot of tweaking to perform optimally.

Let’s have a look at how FAP Turbo lives up to the hype and what set’s it apart from the the other robots out there.

Most forex robots that I have seen perform very well based on historical prices. This means that they are developed and tested using stock data from the past. While it’s necessary to perform this type of backtesting, it doesn’t really prove anything in terms of how it actually trades in the current market. It only proves that it could have been successful.

Well, FAP Turbo has been under intense scrutiny because of the many sales and it’s therefore a little easier to dig up actual performance data. With FAP Turbo there is literally an army of FAP Turbo fans, that has made profits with the robot. I made money too.

I’ve heard some complaints about how the FAP Turbo is supposed to be to difficult for beginners to use, but I don’t agree. I do think that you will get better results if you go trough the material on the website and participate in the forex.

I also recommend the scalping strategy setting over the position trader setting, as the scalper setting seems to be the best of the two.

I only deposited $1500 in the beginning to use for this test. I did not have any experience with FAP Turbo, so I didn’t want to risk too much upfront. One month later I was up to $2987. Needless to say, this was a very good result, so I continued to run it. The later months have not been quite as good in terms of return on investment percentage wise, but it’s still ahead of the other robots I tried. I suggest you visit their website for more information.