Forex Ambush 2.0 Review

Forex Ambush is a forex signal service and provider that makes some pretty outrageous claims on their website. What do I mean by outrageous? For one they claim that their signals have a 100% success rate. That is, their signals are always accurate. Anyone with some experience in forex is going to be sceptical of such claims to say the least. Anyway, I was interested by the bold statements, so I guess the marketing worked. Let me say, it does set off some alarm bells when I encounter a site like this, because it’s so huped up, but on the other hand, I also realise that many of these sales pages are written by copywriters and not the creators of the product, so I am not going to judge a website by it’s cover.

Forex Ambush 2.0 claims a success rate of 100%, which means they claim their signals are always accurate and always profitable. That’s not going to happen. Let’s make that clear from the start. I will however be willing to test out, exactly how good their signals are. Forex Ambush 2.0 is a bit different from normal signal services in that they use artificial intelligence to measure the psychological effect on the market as well as the standard technical analysis. Forex Ambush has a good walktrough that helps you set up and get going with using their signals. I shows you everything you need, which platform to use and how to set it up.

Here’s what you get with their membership package:

  • Forex Ambush 2.0 Signals
  • Forex Ambush 2.0 Trading Guide and Walk trough
  • Forex Ambush Support and Newsletters

That’s about par for this type of signal provider. Their trading guide and walktrough offer some good insights for both beginners and more advanced traders.

What I liked:

  • Forex Ambush Signals (Profitable and Frequent)
  • Customer Support
  • Trading Guide

What I didn’t like:

  • Their Marketing!

In conclusion, Forex Ambush 2.0 need to fire their marketing department and their copywriter in particular. Reading the over the top sales letter made my eyes bleed but eventually I saw trough it and decided to give it a fair test. Even though there’s more hype surrounding this product than the “Yes, we can!” Obama campaign, their product is actually good and professional. As I expected, this is simply a case of a an overzealous copywriter.

Ok, their signals are not 100% accurate, but I didn’t expect that. I tracked them over 2 months and found them to be more like 89%-91% accurate, which is still in the absolute top of signal providers. I liked that I could get my signals delivered direct to my cell phone or PDA and that they send more signals than most other providers.

Their average profit rate ended up at something like 187% annually which is very good. I recommend this service for beginners, because it’s very easy to use and has a good walktrough that shows you exactly what to do. You’ll probably make some good money in the process as well.

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Forex Trading Signals

In this article we are going to look at a vital part of forex trading: forex signals. Forex signals are an important part of any strategy or system. They’re the part of the system that spells out excactly what, where and when to trade. To use a sports analogy: If the forex strategy is the gameplan, then the forex signals are the individual plays.

Forex trading signals show in detail how to carry out the system. Where a strategy is a collection of macro strategies, such as either a daytrading, scalping or position trading, signals work on the micro level. They can best be thought of as sets of logical operaters. IF some event happens THEN trade this currency. That is why forex robots and forex expert advisors have even been able to trade. But signals are not just used by robots, but by human traders as well. Today, there is a lot of software that can keep a trader fed with signals. Many companies also offer this service and send signals daily trough email or even sms. If you want to subscribe to one of them, you should use some time researching their track records as most of them will probably use agressive marketing to try to convince you to sing up.

What is the best use for forex trading signals? Some websites will have you believe that forex signals are all that you need to succeed. Other cynical traders will tell you that these signals are worthless. I believe that forex signals are just one of several tools available to the resourcefull trader. You should combine forex signals with good charting software that uses and shows indicators, but not least you should have a sound knowledge of forex trading, so that you can make your own judgement of the suggested trades. I’ve seen a few systems and signals services stressing this part and those are the companies that I would feel most secure with and not the hyped aggressively marketed ones.

Let’s look at one example of what a signal may look like and how you use this information. Let’s assume you have signed up for a provider and they send you the first email. Your signal will consists of different info: It will tell you what currency to trade, for example USD/EUR, then it will tell you when to trade it, within 10 minutes or today at 11.40 am. Then it will tell you how to put your stop loss limits and when to take home profits.

But what do you do if the market decides to not agree with your signal prediction? When you choose a signal provider, be sure to understand what budget, or bankroll if you will, that the signal provider has in mind. Some strategies require larger bank rolls than others, so a stop loss limit recommended by a signal may be to large for you.

As you can tell, forex trading signals offer both positives and negatives. They are not meant to stand alone, but rather to be used in combination with other tools.

Forex Automoney Review – How I did $2076 from $1000

Forex Automoney is a new forex signal service that has received quite a lot of praise, so I decided to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. First thing that strikes me is that this service is aimed at delivering easy to use, turnkey style signals. No confusion or room for interpretation. Forex Automoney is developed by a certain M. Festner, with no first name. Well, I guess this forex guru does not need to show us mere mortals his first name. Jokes aside, I know Forex Automoney has grown quite popular already, so it deserves a fair review. Let me just make a short pre-emptive statement for those of you looking for a forex robot: Forex Automoney is not an automated forex robot. It’s a signal service. The difference is that this service will give you exact trading recommendations but it will not trade for you automatically. That’s not a bad thing though, which I will explain later on in this review.

Let’s dig into Forex Automoney a bit then, shall we? Forex Automoney is as mentioned already a professional signal service. The kind of membership club where you have a bunch of professionals analyzing the forex market continuously and using their advanced software to make recommendations. The end result is what you get: Intra Daily, Daily and Weekly recommendations. So, in recap, it’s essentially the same as having a trading desk work for you AND having an automated forex expert advisor crunch the numbers. Unlike a robot though, you will have to do the trades yourself, which is an advantage in my opinion as you have greater control and understanding of what is going on.

Let’s have a look at what you get with the Forex Automoney subscription:

  • Forex Trading Guide
  • Forex Trading Newsletter Updates (Free, even if you don’t buy)
  • Forex Automoney Signals (Intraday, Daily, Weekly)

So, that’s rather standard for this type of service. No fluff or fancy wrapped ebook, which I appreciate because it really comes down to the profitability of the signals. Forex Automoney gives you three choices. You can get several signals each day (Intra Day), one daily (Daily) or you can choose to receive signals on a weekly basis (Weekly). So, no matter how much time you have to trade, there’s a choice that will fit you. A signal that you receive will look something like this:

  • Currency Pair: EUR/USD
  • Type of Trade: BUY
  • Time to Enter:10:00 PM EST
  • Get Profit: 120 Pips
  • Stop Loss: 50 Pips

The signal will give you all the info you need to make a successful trade and take home the profit. Just as important it will also tell you when to stop and cut your losses.

What I liked:

  • Profitable Signals
  • Flexible Signals
  • Easy To Use and Apply
  • Good Support

What I didn’t like:

  • Little Bonus Material
  • Sometimes Too Many Signals To Choose From

Let’s get to the conclusion that you have been waiting for: Did Forex Automoney make me money and if so, how much? I currently run several systems simultaneously, including my own, which makes it easier to determine which ones work, and which do not. I started up Forex Automoney with a small deposit of only $1000, because I wanted to simulate a new traders situation. One month later my account was up $2076 for a very healthy profit. I doubt his phenomenal profit will last the year, but even if it drops somewhat in profit, it’s still a remarkable return.

The Best Forex Signals

In this article we look at the best forex signals. The reality is that there are now literally hundreds of individuals and companies offering forex trade signals and forex advisory services. They often claim to have a good history at predicting the forex market.

The reality is that many of these forex predictions are very poor indeed. They are more interested in promoting their service rather than delivering good signals. Some of these companies even try to sell you elaborate software to help. This is nice for them, but will probably not help you.

It is important to remember the important fact that most currency traders lose money. With this in mind, the chances are the person writing the forex forecasts is a losing trader, so why would you want to follow their lead?

The reality is that no matter how genuine the signal service is, the signals are going to be second hand and they will never be as good as your own signals.

It is my belief that most people can become successful traders if they are prepared to devote a lot of time and energy into their currency trading and are prepared to treat it like a business. There is no “Get rich quick” element for FX Trading. It requires a lot of hard work and extreme discipline. Once you have learnt to trade successfully, you can create your own forex buy and sell signals. The chances are that if you can create a good system with good trading signals, you will not want to sell them, you would want to just use them for yourself and make some good returns on your money.

The moral of the story is, only rely on yourself for the best forex signals. There are many free currency trading resources out there to help you learn to trade. This site for one. There is never a need to pay what is likely to be a losing trader for online daily, weekly or any kind of signals for that matter!