AVA FX – Fx Trading Broker Review

Ava Fx is an respected online broker that offers professional trading opportunities for traders of all levels. Ava FX is easily in the top end of current retail brokers available to the public. Ava FX as a broker was founded as a project by people in the marketing area of forex trading, which is different from many other brokers that are usually off-shoots of professional corporate traders and bankers. This doesn’t detract one bit from the seriousness or authenticity of Ava FX. On the contrary it has probably been one of the main reasons for the success of Ava FX. Their experience in dealing with traders has had a positive effect on the support and accessibility of their operation.
Ava FX is one of the most trustworthy personal retail brokers in the field for both beginners and more advanced traders. Ava FX is backed by a very large European finance group (totaling over $16 billion in AUM), with very good credit ratings from S&P (AA, the third highest). Their credentials are impressive and easily checked.

So what about their trading platform and broker? Is it any good?

I convinced my friend who is a serious pro trader (more specifically a day trader), to test them out for a prolonged period. He has now traded with them for three months and reports that his account is up around 150% since he began trading. He has not experienced any breaks in connection or had any problems at all with order execution, which to be honest, is really not that uncommon.

I tested their customer service by sending them some ‘hard’ questions through email and always received a fast, polite and knowledgeable response. They were very open about their operation even when I pressed them on ownership and other questions about their business.

AVA FX writes on their homepage that they provide a platform for trading that will never compromise integrity or fairness, and from what I can tell from my own and others experience, that seems to be true. Their platform is very easy and intuitive to use and has all the necessary options for an experienced trader to feel comfortable.

They currently offer demo accounts for new traders to play around with, which I suggest you try as there is no risk associated and you can learn a lot from doing so.

Other features of Ava FX include:

  • Over 20 currency pairs and commodities trading such as oil and gold
  • Free forex signals for your mobile phone
  • Absolutely no commission or fees
  • Fully functional demo account
  • Fixed spreads
  • Around the clock support (24-hours)
  • Daily analysis and recommendations
  • Easy payment through all the major credit cards and online banking systems (Paypal etc.)
  • Mini accounts available at only $100

Ava FX may not be the flashiest broker out there and they don’t advertise as much as other brokers, but they are reliable and very easy to deal with. I recommend them to any new or experienced trader.